Intimation of Loss Form 18

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A driver’s license is a crucial document in India, granting individuals the freedom and responsibility to navigate the roads. Unfortunately, losing this vital document can pose a significant inconvenience.

To address this situation effectively, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) mandates the use of Intimation of Loss Form 18. This form allows individuals to report a lost driving license and initiate the process of obtaining a duplicate.

Intimation of Loss Form 18 Guide

Intimation of Loss Form 18, downloadable from the Parivahan Sewa website (, serves as the official notification of a lost driving license. It provides the authorities with essential details about the missing document and triggers the process for issuing a duplicate license.

Intimation of Loss Form 18

Form 18 is a single-page document with clear sections designed to capture specific information from the applicant:

Part 1: Applicant Information

  • Full Name: The legal name of the individual who lost their driving license.
  • Father’s Name/Husband’s Name/Daughter’s Name: As applicable, depending on the marital status of the applicant.

Part 2: Lost Driving License Details

This section focuses on the specifics of the lost license:

  • Driving License Number: The unique number assigned to the lost driving license, crucial for identification purposes.
  • Date of Issue: The date on which the original driving license was issued by the authorities.
  • Place of Issue: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) that originally issued the driving license.

Part 3: Details of Loss/Theft

Here, the applicant clarifies the circumstances surrounding the lost document:

  • Lost: This option is checked if the driving license was misplaced.
  • Stolen: This option is checked if the driving license was stolen. If theft is reported, a copy of the complaint filed with the police needs to be attached to the form.

Part 4: Declaration

The applicant affirms the accuracy of the information provided through a signed declaration. This section typically includes a space for the applicant’s signature and date.

Significance of Form 18

Intimation of Loss Form 18 plays a vital role in maintaining the security and integrity of driving licenses in India. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Prompt Reporting: Reporting a lost license promptly is crucial to prevent misuse by unauthorized individuals. The form helps initiate the process of deactivating the lost license, minimizing potential risks.
  • Facilitates Duplicate Issuance: By providing details about the missing document, Form 18 allows the authorities to identify and replace the lost license efficiently.
  • Discourages Misrepresentation: Reporting a lost license through a standardized form discourages individuals from attempting to use a lost document or create false duplicates.

Beyond Form 18: Obtaining a Duplicate License

Submitting Form 18 marks the initial step towards obtaining a duplicate driving license. Following these steps can expedite the process:

  • Application Submission: The completed Form 18, along with any supporting documents (police complaint copy in case of theft), needs to be submitted in person to the RTO that issued the original license.
  • Fee Payment: The applicant will need to pay the prescribed fee for issuing a duplicate license.
  • Verification Process: The RTO may conduct a verification process to confirm the applicant’s identity and the validity of the lost license details.
  • Issuing the Duplicate: Upon successful verification, the RTO will issue a duplicate driving license with the same details as the original but a new license number.

Additional Considerations

  • Form Availability: Intimation of Loss Form 18 is readily available for download on the Parivahan Sewa website, eliminating the need for physical form collection.
  • Timely Reporting: While there’s no strict deadline for reporting a lost license, it’s recommended to submit Form 18 promptly to minimize inconvenience and potential misuse of the lost document.
  • Change of Address: If the applicant’s address has changed since the original license was issued, they may need to update their details during the duplicate issuance process.


Intimation of Loss Form 18 serves as a critical tool for individuals who have lost their driving licenses. By promptly reporting the loss and utilizing this form, drivers can initiate the process of obtaining a duplicate license efficiently.

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