Holder Of Trade Certificate Form 19

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India’s vibrant automotive industry relies on a network of dealerships, repair shops, and other businesses to keep vehicles running smoothly.

To ensure transparency and maintain control over vehicle movement, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) mandates the use of Holder of Trade Certificate Form 19.

Holder Of Trade Certificate Form 19 Guide

This seemingly simple form plays a crucial role in tracking the movement of vehicles under the control of a business holding a Trade Certificate.

Holder Of Trade Certificate Form 19

Form 19, downloadable from the Parivahan Sewa website (https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/sites/default/files/DownloadForm/cmvr/FORM-19.pdf), is a register maintained by businesses authorized with a Trade Certificate. It serves as a logbook, meticulously recording the movement of all motor vehicles owned or possessed by the business for trade purposes. This record provides a clear picture of vehicle movement to the authorities and simplifies regulatory compliance.

Decoding the Form: Key Details and Sections

Form 19 is a single-page document with well-defined sections requiring specific information from the Trade Certificate holder:

  • Date: The date on which the vehicle is being sent out or brought back to the business premises.
  • Trade Certificate Number & Registration Number (if applicable): This section identifies the business holding the Trade Certificate and, if the vehicle is registered, its unique registration number.
  • Description of Motor Vehicle: A brief description of the vehicle, including its make, model, and chassis number.
  • Purpose for which Vehicle Sent Out or Brought In: This section clarifies the reason for the vehicle’s movement. Examples include sending a vehicle for repairs, test drives for potential customers, or delivery of a sold vehicle.
  • Driver’s Name, License Number, and Address: The details of the driver authorized to operate the vehicle during its movement are recorded here. Additionally, the driver’s license number and address are captured.
  • Whether Driver is Employee of Holder: This section clarifies whether the driver taking the vehicle out is an employee of the business or an external individual (e.g., a customer on a test drive).

Significance of Form 19

Holder of Trade Certificate Form 19 plays a vital role in maintaining transparency and accountability within the automotive trade ecosystem. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Tracks Vehicle Movement: The form provides a comprehensive record of all vehicles entering and leaving the business premises, allowing authorities to monitor their movement and identify potential misuse.
  • Prevents Unauthorized Use: By requiring details of authorized drivers, Form 19 discourages the unauthorized use of trade vehicles.
  • Simplifies Investigations: In case of theft or accidents involving trade vehicles, the detailed logbook provided by Form 19 can assist authorities in investigations.

Beyond Form 19: Maintaining Accurate Records

Maintaining a well-organized and up-to-date Form 19 is crucial for businesses holding Trade Certificates. Here are some best practices to ensure proper record-keeping:

  • Duplicate Copies: The form typically needs to be maintained in duplicate. One copy remains with the business for record-keeping, while the other copy travels with the driver during the vehicle movement.
  • Prompt Updates: Entries in the register need to be made promptly after each instance of a vehicle being sent out or brought back.
  • Data Retention: Businesses are obligated to retain completed registers for a specific period as mandated by the authorities.
  • Data Security: Since the register contains details of vehicles and drivers, the business needs to ensure its safekeeping and prevent unauthorized access.

Additional Considerations

  • Online Availability: While not currently available online, some states are exploring the possibility of digitizing Form 19 for improved accessibility and record management.
  • Exemptions: Vehicles permanently registered under the business name (not just under the Trade Certificate) may not require entry in Form 19. It’s advisable to consult with local RTOs for specific guidelines.


Holder of Trade Certificate Form 19, though seemingly simple, serves a critical purpose in regulating the movement of vehicles within the automotive trade sector. By diligently maintaining this register, businesses holding Trade Certificates demonstrate their commitment to responsible trade practices and cooperation with regulatory authorities. This system ultimately contributes to a more transparent and accountable automotive trade environment, benefitting both businesses and consumers.

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