PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL Offices

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PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a unique code issued by the IT Department of India. It serves as a crucial identification document for individuals, companies, and other entities for various financial transactions.

PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL Offices

To ensure the smooth functioning and efficient management of PAN card related services, the government has established PAN PDC (PAN Processing and Data Center) Incharge UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited) offices across the country.

PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL Offices

Location and Coverage

PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices are strategically located in different regions of India to cater to the PAN card processing needs of citizens. These offices are spread across major cities and towns, ensuring accessibility and convenience for individuals residing in both urban and rural areas.

The offices are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to handle the large volume of PAN card applications, verifications, and related services. The staff members are well-trained professionals who possess the necessary expertise to assist applicants and provide accurate information.

Importance and Significance

The PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices play a vital role in the issuance and management of PAN cards. Here are some reasons why these offices are of utmost importance:

Efficient Processing

With the increasing demand for PAN cards, it is essential to have dedicated centers that can efficiently process the applications. The PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices are equipped with robust systems and trained personnel to ensure smooth processing and timely delivery of PAN cards.

Verification and Authentication

One of the key responsibilities of the PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices is to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the applicants. This verification process helps in preventing fraud and ensures that PAN cards are issued to eligible individuals only.

Customer Service

The PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices prioritize customer satisfaction and provide excellent service to individuals seeking assistance with PAN card-related queries. The staff members are trained to handle various issues and provide accurate information and guidance to applicants.

Facilitation of PAN Card Corrections and Updates

In addition to issuing new PAN cards, the PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices also facilitate corrections and updates to existing PAN cards. This includes rectifying errors in personal details, updating contact information, and making other necessary changes as per the guidelines provided by the Income Tax Department.

Services Offered

The PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices offer a wide range of services related to PAN cards. Some of the key services provided by these offices include:

New PAN Card Application

Individuals who do not possess a PAN card can apply for a new one through the PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices. The application process involves submitting the necessary documents and completing the required formalities.

Correction and Update of PAN Card

If there are any errors or changes required in an existing PAN card, individuals can visit the PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices to get them rectified. This ensures that the PAN card reflects accurate and up-to-date information.

Reprint of PAN Card

In case of loss or damage to the PAN card, individuals can apply for a reprint through the PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices. The necessary documents and fees need to be submitted for the issuance of a new PAN card.

Track PAN Card Application Status

The PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices provide a facility to track the status of PAN card applications. This helps individuals stay updated on the progress of their application and know when to expect the delivery of their PAN card.

Guidance and Assistance

Individuals can seek guidance and assistance from the staff members at the PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices regarding any PAN card-related queries. The knowledgeable staff ensures that individuals receive accurate and reliable information.


The PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices play a crucial role in the efficient management and processing of PAN card applications. These offices are equipped with modern infrastructure and trained professionals to provide excellent services to individuals. Whether it is applying for a new PAN card, correcting errors, or seeking guidance, individuals can rely on the PAN PDC Incharge UTIITSL offices for accurate and efficient assistance.

The establishment of these offices across various locations in India reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free PAN card issuance process for its citizens.

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