How To Get AISHE Code For Your Institute

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In India, the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) plays a pivotal role in painting a comprehensive picture of the higher education landscape. Conducted annually by the Ministry of Education (MoE), this survey gathers crucial data from universities, colleges, and standalone institutions, providing valuable insights for policymakers, educators, and students.

A key element in this process is the AISHE code, a unique identifier assigned to each participating institution.

How To Get AISHE Code For Your Institute Guide

This article serves as a guide for institutions seeking to obtain an AISHE code, highlighting its significance and outlining the registration process.

How To Get AISHE Code For Your Institute

The AISHE code, typically formatted as “C-“ or “U-“ followed by a six-digit number for colleges and universities respectively, acts as a distinct identity marker for each institution within the AISHE framework. This code plays a crucial role in several ways:

  • Data Collection and Analysis: The AISHE code facilitates the efficient collection and analysis of data from participating institutions. By associating data with specific institutions using the code, the MoE can build a comprehensive database on various aspects of higher education in India, including student enrollment trends, faculty profiles, infrastructure availability, and program offerings.
  • Informed Policymaking: The data collected through AISHE, meticulously categorized by institution through the AISHE code, empowers policymakers to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, infrastructure development, and policy formulation for the betterment of higher education across the country.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The AISHE code fosters transparency and accountability within the higher education system. Institutions registered with AISHE participate in the annual data collection process, providing a more accurate picture of their operations and resources. This data is accessible to the public through the AISHE portal, allowing for greater transparency for students and stakeholders.
  • Institutional Benefits: Obtaining an AISHE code offers several benefits to institutions themselves. The code acts as a formal recognition of the institution’s existence within the national higher education framework. This recognition can be crucial for accreditation purposes and collaborations with other institutions. Additionally, institutions with AISHE codes gain access to the AISHE portal, allowing them to compare their own data with national trends and identify areas for improvement.

Eligibility for Obtaining an AISHE Code

Not all institutions are automatically eligible for an AISHE code. Here are the broad eligibility criteria:

  • Universities: All recognized universities, including central universities, state universities, deemed universities, and private universities, are eligible to obtain an AISHE code.
  • Colleges and Standalone Institutions: Colleges affiliated to a university and standalone institutions offering recognized higher education programs are also eligible to register for an AISHE code. These institutions typically require a valid affiliation letter from a recognized university or a letter of approval from the relevant regulatory body.

It’s important to consult the official AISHE guidelines for the latest and most specific eligibility requirements.

The AISHE Registration Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Obtaining an AISHE code involves a straightforward online registration process:

  1. Access the AISHE Portal: Visit the official AISHE portal at

  2. Registration Option: Locate the “Request for Adding Institution” option under the “Quick Links” section on the homepage.

  3. Institution Details: Carefully fill out the online registration form, providing accurate information about your institution, including:

    • Institution type (University, College, Standalone)
    • State and district location
    • University affiliation (if applicable)
    • Institution name (as per affiliation letter, in caps without special characters)
    • Contact details (email address, phone number)
    • Authorized signatory details (name and designation)
  4. Supporting Documents: Upload scanned copies of essential documents as per the AISHE guidelines. These documents typically include:

    • Affiliation letter from a recognized university (for colleges)
    • Approval letter from the relevant regulatory body (for standalone institutions)
    • Institution establishment documents (certificate of incorporation, society registration certificate, etc.)
    • Any other documents mandated by the AISHE guidelines
  5. Submission and Verification: After reviewing all details and ensuring accuracy, submit the online registration form along with the uploaded documents. The AISHE authorities will then verify the submitted information and documents.

  6. AISHE Code Issuance: Upon successful verification, the AISHE authorities will assign a unique AISHE code to your institution. You will receive notification regarding the code and any further instructions through the registered email address.

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