How To Create Ayushman Card Through ABHA Number

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The government of India launched the ground-breaking Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY), popularly known as the Ayushman Card program. It gives low-income households the ability to get healthcare services for free and without using cash.

This article explores the significance of the Ayushman Card scheme, the role of the ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) number, and the potential for linking them for a more robust healthcare ecosystem.

How To Create Ayushman Card Through ABHA Number

The AB-PMJAY scheme targets economically disadvantaged families identified through the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) data. This data acts as a baseline to ensure those most in need benefit from the program. Here’s a breakdown of the scheme’s purpose and benefits:

  • Eligibility: Families listed in the SECC data as belonging to the entitled categories are eligible. Some states may include additional beneficiary groups based on specific needs.
  • Benefits: The scheme offers cashless and paperless hospitalization benefits up to ₹5 lakh (US$6,210 approx.) per family per year. This covers a wide range of medical and surgical procedures, including medications, diagnostics, and hospitalization charges.

Importance and Significance:

The Ayushman Card scheme plays a vital role by:

  • Reducing Out-of-Pocket Expenditure: For many families, medical treatment can impose a significant financial burden. The Ayushman Card scheme alleviates this burden by covering a substantial portion of hospitalization costs.
  • Improved Access to Healthcare: The scheme empowers families to seek necessary medical care without worrying about the financial implications. This can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment, improving overall health outcomes.
  • Promoting Social Equity: By targeting low-income families, the Ayushman Card scheme helps bridge the gap in healthcare access between different socioeconomic groups.

How To Create Ayushman Card Through ABHA Number

Launched in 2021, ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) is a national initiative that assigns a unique 14-digit health ID to every resident of India. This ID acts as a digital bridge between individuals, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. Here’s how ABHA empowers citizens:

  • Secure Health Records: ABHA allows individuals to create and manage their electronic health records (EHRs) securely. This includes medical history, prescriptions, lab reports, and other relevant documents.
  • Portability and Access: With ABHA, individuals can electronically share their medical records with authorized healthcare providers across the country, eliminating the need for physical copies.
  • Improved Continuity of Care: Healthcare providers can access a patient’s medical history with their consent, enabling better-informed treatment decisions and improved continuity of care.

The Potential of Linking Ayushman Card and ABHA:

While the Ayushman Card and ABHA function independently, linking them offers several advantages:

  • Simplified Benefits Access: By linking the ABHA number with the Ayushman Card, beneficiaries may be able to access scheme benefits seamlessly. Medical records stored in the ABHA platform can potentially expedite verification and claims processing.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Linking ABHA with the Ayushman Card can create a more transparent system. Treatment records and claim history can be easily accessed by beneficiaries, fostering greater trust and accountability.
  • Improved Data Management: Linking these systems can create a centralized repository of healthcare data for beneficiaries enrolled in the Ayushman Card scheme. This data can be used for better resource allocation, healthcare planning, and research purposes.

Current Status of Linking Ayushman Card and ABHA:

While the long-term vision is to integrate the Ayushman Card with ABHA, the process is still evolving. Currently, there is no official mechanism to directly link the two. However, the government is actively working on developing a framework for seamless integration.

The Road Ahead: Towards a More Robust Healthcare Ecosystem

The potential benefits of linking Ayushman Card and ABHA are significant. A robust healthcare ecosystem can be built upon this foundation, with benefits for both beneficiaries and the healthcare system as a whole. Here’s what we can expect in the future:

  • Streamlined Processes: Linking these systems can streamline the application process for Ayushman Cards. Individuals may be able to verify their eligibility and apply for the scheme directly through their ABHA accounts.
  • Empowered Beneficiaries: With their health data readily available, beneficiaries can actively participate in their healthcare decisions and make informed choices.
  • Data-Driven Healthcare Planning: The centralized data repository can be used by policymakers to identify healthcare needs, allocate resources effectively, and track the impact of healthcare schemes like AB-PMJAY.


The Ayushman Card scheme and ABHA represent two government initiatives with the potential to revolutionize healthcare access and management in India.

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