eShram Card Age Limit

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India’s economy thrives on the tireless efforts of millions of informal workers. From street vendors and construction laborers to agricultural workers and home-based artisans, these individuals contribute significantly to the nation’s growth.

However, due to the unorganized nature of their work, they often lack access to social security benefits and welfare schemes. This is where the eShram Card steps in, aiming to bridge this gap and empower this crucial segment of the workforce.

eShram Card Age Limit Guide

Launched in 2021 by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the eShram Card is a unique national identification number for unorganized workers in India. It’s a digital document that serves as a one-stop platform for accessing various government benefits and social security schemes. The card itself isn’t a physical document; instead, it’s a virtual ID linked to the Aadhaar number, making it convenient and secure.

eShram Card Age Limit

The eShram Card scheme is open to a broad range of unorganized workers between the ages of 16 and 59 years. This inclusive approach ensures that a vast majority of informal sector employees can reap the benefits of the program. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Minimum Age: 16 years old – This acknowledges that many individuals, particularly in rural areas, may enter the workforce at a younger age. Including them from the outset allows them to build a social security portfolio early on.
  • Maximum Age: 59 years old – This covers a significant portion of the working population in the informal sector, ensuring they have access to benefits until retirement age.

There’s one key exclusion: Individuals already registered with schemes like the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), or National Pension System (NPS) are not eligible for the eShram Card. These schemes already provide similar social security coverage.

Importance and Significance of the eShram Card

The eShram Card holds immense importance for India’s informal workforce. Here are some key aspects of its significance:

  • Enhanced Social Security: The eShram Card facilitates access to various government social security schemes. This could include accident insurance, maternity benefits, pension schemes, and unemployment assistance programs. These benefits provide a much-needed safety net for informal workers who often face financial vulnerabilities.
  • Improved Employability: The eShram Card acts as a formal recognition of an individual’s skills and experience within the informal sector. This can potentially improve their employability by making it easier to find work and negotiate better wages.
  • Financial Inclusion: The eShram Card can pave the way for greater financial inclusion for informal workers. By creating a digital identity, it becomes easier for them to access credit facilities and other financial products, which were previously unavailable due to the lack of formal documentation.
  • Skilling and Upskilling Initiatives: The eShram Card database allows the government to identify skill gaps within the informal sector. This information can be used to develop targeted skilling and upskilling initiatives, empowering workers to enhance their skillsets and potentially transition to better-paying jobs.
  • Data-Driven Policymaking: The eShram Card scheme creates a centralized database of unorganized workers. This valuable data can be used by policymakers to design and implement effective policies that cater to the specific needs of this segment of the workforce.

Beyond the Age Limit: Additional eShram Card Details

Here are some additional details about the eShram Card scheme that go beyond the age limit:

  • Registration Process: Registration for the eShram Card is a simple process. It can be done online through the eShram portal ( or offline through CSCs (Common Service Centres) spread across the country. The process requires basic details like Aadhaar number, bank account information (optional), and details of the occupation.
  • Benefits: The specific benefits available to eShram Card holders may vary depending on the government schemes they become eligible for. However, some potential benefits include accidental insurance coverage, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Scheme (PMSS).
  • Challenges: Despite its potential, the eShram Card scheme faces some challenges. Creating awareness about the scheme and its benefits among the vast, geographically dispersed informal workforce is crucial. Additionally, ensuring proper implementation and streamlined access to benefits across different states requires ongoing efforts.


The eShram Card is a significant step towards recognizing and empowering India’s informal workforce. By removing the age barrier and offering a range of benefits and opportunities, the scheme aims to create a more secure and dignified future for millions of workers.

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