Check Previous Year NSP Application Status

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National scholarships in India offer an invaluable lifeline to students pursuing higher education. The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) simplifies the application process, but a question often arises – can you check the status of an application submitted in a previous year?

Check Previous Year NSP Application Status Guide

This comprehensive guide will delve into this topic, exploring the functionalities of the NSP and alternative methods for accessing information about past applications.

Check Previous Year NSP Application Status

The NSP, established by the Ministry of Education (MoE), serves as a centralized platform for applying for various national scholarships. The portal offers functionalities for application submission, tracking the status of ongoing applications, and accessing scholarship information. However, it’s important to understand the limitations of the system regarding past applications.

Why You Can’t Directly Check Previous Year’s NSP Application Status:

The NSP is designed to manage applications for the current academic year. Once the application window closes and the selection process concludes, past applications are archived. This means you cannot directly access the status of your application submitted in a previous year through the NSP portal.

Alternative Methods for Accessing Information:

Although direct access through the NSP isn’t possible, here are some alternative strategies to potentially retrieve information about your previous year’s application:

  1. Contacting Your Institute: Most colleges and universities have a dedicated scholarship cell or nodal officer responsible for disseminating information and guiding students on national scholarships. This cell plays a crucial role in verifying and uploading student application data to the NSP. Reach out to your institute’s scholarship cell and inquire if they maintain records of applications submitted in previous years. They might be able to provide details about the status of your past application or direct you to relevant resources.

  2. Official Scholarship Announcement: Results and award notifications for national scholarships are typically announced on the official website of the scholarship scheme or the NSP “Notice Board” section. If you remember the specific scholarship you applied for in the previous year, visit the relevant website and check for past announcement archives. These archives might reveal the list of selected candidates, allowing you to compare your name against awardees.

  3. Personal Records: While not a definitive approach, you can review personal records or emails you might have received during the previous application process. These might include acknowledgement receipts from the NSP upon submitting your application or communication regarding shortlisting or selection (if applicable). These records can offer a glimpse into the possible outcome of your past application.

Importance of Checking Previous Year’s Application Information

Even though directly accessing the status through the NSP isn’t possible, there are benefits to exploring alternative methods for gathering information about your previous year’s application:

  • Understanding Past Performance: Knowing the outcome of your past application can be valuable for evaluating your application strategy and identifying areas for improvement. Learning the reason for rejection (if available) helps you strengthen your application for subsequent years.
  • Confirmation of Award Receipt: If your application was successful in the previous year, revisiting the award details through alternative methods can serve as confirmation of receiving the scholarship funds.
  • Planning for Future Applications: Analyzing past application experience empowers you to strategize effectively for upcoming scholarship applications. This could involve focusing on specific criteria, improving academic performance, or seeking guidance from your institute’s scholarship cell.

Looking Forward: Tips for Future NSP Applications

While you cannot directly access the status of past applications, you can optimize the process for future applications:

  • Maintain Clear Records: Keep a copy of your submitted application form and uploaded documents along with any acknowledgment or communication received from the NSP during the application process. This documentation can serve as a valuable reference point.
  • Set Reminders: National scholarship application windows typically open within specific timeframes. Set reminders or calendar alerts to ensure timely application submission during the ongoing academic year.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly access the NSP website and your institute’s scholarship webpage to stay informed about application deadlines, scholarship announcements, and any changes in eligibility criteria.


While the NSP doesn’t offer direct access to previous year application statuses, utilizing alternative methods like contacting your institute or reviewing official announcements can provide valuable insights. Remember, past application results are stepping stones. Learn from your past experiences and leverage the NSP’s services to optimize your scholarship application strategy for future academic endeavors.

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