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A driving license is a legal document that grants you the permission to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. It signifies that you have undergone the necessary training and possess the skills to drive safely and responsibly.

This document holds significant value, not just for driving purposes, but also for various identity verification processes. An official extract of your driving license, containing specific details, can be obtained when required.

Apply For Driving License Extract Guide

Let’s delve deeper into the world of driving licenses, explore the application process for a driving license extract, and understand its importance.

Types of Driving Licenses in India

A driver’s license in India is classed according to the vehicle type that the holder is allowed to operate. The most prevalent types are listed below:

  • Non-Transport (Two-wheeler): This license permits you to ride two-wheelers with engine capacities up to 50cc without gear and exceeding 50cc with gear.
  • Non-Transport (Light Motor Vehicle): This category allows you to drive private cars, jeeps, and light motor vehicles.
  • Transport (LMV): This license is required to operate light motor vehicles for commercial purposes, such as taxis or rickshaws.
  • Transport (HMV): This category permits driving heavy motor vehicles like trucks and buses.

The licensing authority may impose endorsements on your license for driving specific types of vehicles within a category, like special permits for trailers or hazardous materials transportation.

Apply For Driving License Extract

The process for obtaining a driving license in India involves two stages:

Stage 1: Learner’s License

  • Applicants must visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) with the required documents, including proof of age, address, and identity.
  • A vision test is conducted to ensure you meet the minimum eyesight requirements.
  • You will need to pass a learner’s license test, which assesses your knowledge of traffic rules and road safety.

Stage 2: Permanent Driving License

  • Once you hold a learner’s license for the stipulated period (typically 30 days for two-wheelers and non-transport vehicles, and one month for transport vehicles), you can apply for a permanent license.
  • A driving skills test is conducted to evaluate your practical driving abilities on a designated course.
  • Upon successful completion, your permanent driving license is issued.

What is a Driving License Extract?

A driving license extract is an official document issued by the licensing authority containing specific details from your driving license. It serves as a verified proof of your driving license information and can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Verification of Driving License Details: When applying for a job that requires driving, employers may request a driving license extract to confirm your license validity and category.
  • Renting Vehicles: Car rental agencies often ask for a driving license extract to verify your eligibility to rent a vehicle.
  • Applying for Loans: Financial institutions may require a driving license extract as part of their identity verification process while processing loan applications.
  • Insurance Claims: In case of vehicle insurance claims, a driving license extract might be needed to verify your license details.
  • Address Proof: While not a primary document for address verification, a driving license extract can be used as supplementary proof in certain situations.

Content of a Driving License Extract

The issuing body could make a little adjustment to the precise facts presented in a driving license extract. Nevertheless, the following details are usually included:

  • License Holder Name: Your full name as it appears on your driving license.
  • License Number: The unique identification number assigned to your driving license.
  • Date of Birth: Your date of birth as recorded on your driving license.
  • License Category: The category of vehicles you are authorized to drive (e.g., Non-Transport (Two-wheeler), Non-Transport (LMV)).
  • Date of Issue and Expiry: The date your license was issued and the date it expires.
  • Issuing Authority: The name and location of the RTO that issued your driving license.
  • Endorsements (if any): Any special endorsements granted on your license for driving specific vehicle types.

Obtaining a Driving License Extract

There are two primary ways to obtain a driving license extract in India:

  • Offline Method: Visit your local RTO with a completed application form and the required fees. The extract will be issued on the spot or within a few days.
  • Online Method: Several states in India offer online application options for driving license extracts. You can access the official transport department website, submit the application electronically, and pay the fees online. The extract will be delivered to your registered address or made available for download.

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